Paint types High gloss or satin gloss

This handyman describes which paint types there are, with special attention to the difference between high gloss and satin. Also, with every paint type is indicated where you can buy it and for which painting the paint type is best suited!

High gloss or satin gloss

Whether you want to buy alkyd paint or acrylic paint, you can always opt for high gloss or satin gloss. But what is the difference between high gloss and satin gloss? High gloss has a shiny appearance and a silky appearance. Nowadays you also have the completely ‘matte’ paint. High gloss is always used outside for painting because of the hard top layer and satin gloss for the paint inside . In addition, high-gloss can also be used in the home. It is true that the base / substrate when painting with high gloss must be really smooth, because at high gloss any unevenness is visible. In the case of silky shine, you will see the irregularities less.

Mat – Satin gloss – High gloss

In short, high gloss or satin or matt:

all applications at a glance:

High gloss paint is more for outdoor.
A matte finish is the standard for painting walls.
High gloss or satin gloss paint when used indoors.
High gloss with alkyd paint has a better gloss, than the high gloss with acrylic paint.
Matte paint Camouflages the best
Doors / Frames: Usually high gloss
High gloss is often chosen for the shiny effect and durability.
Satin gloss is chosen for the dull texture.
As for the price, there is little difference between the two types of paint.

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