All about Personalized Number Plates

Personalized number plates are special registration numbers used in automobiles and other vehicles. For the car to have a personalized number plate, the owner is required to pay an extra amount of money. Most of the widely used personalized number plates are in the form of a recognizable phrases, initials or a slogan. Selling of personalized number plates has been contributing significantly to the total amount of revenue raised by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the body responsible for issuing number plates.

Conditions for Approving a Personalised Number Plates

The Private Plate Company are recommended based on the standards set by the DVLA. This body is very keen and only accepts personalized number plates based on the following grounds:

• They don’t contain offensive characters in any widely used language.

• They match the required letter/number combination such as;

i. BIG 80


iii. L46 NNE

iv. DES 5Y


Most of the above letters are fixed for ordinary registrations. For instance, in regards to the first and the third letters, the registration number of the personalized number plate has to correspond to the original registration number of the vehicle. While adhering to this, the registration number can either be one, two or three in the first three and the fifth letter/number combination above.

DVLA has become flexible to the extent of allowing the use of figures that resemble letters. Additionally, they have allowed the use of a large black-headed screw to fit personalized number plate to the vehicle to bridge a gap. However, the law still mandates the font style, spacing, and size, illegalizing the practice.

Transferring/Selling Personalized Number Plates Registration

Registration of a personalized number plate can be sold or transferred from one automotive to the next, with some limitations. Primarily, only the common registration numbers would be transferred. However, starting from the 1990s the DVLA began transferring personalized number plate registrations not relating to the registration districts.

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